How do I manage a playlist?

Learn how to modify, share, and collaborate on a playlist in your library!

To make a new playlist you can go into your library under "Library" > "Tracks" > {} Hamburger Options Button > "Add to Playlist"

You can "Create a New Playlist" or add to an existing playlist in your library

Find your newly created playlist under Library > Playlist. It will show up as the latest saved playlist.

You can go into the playlist to make modifications to the results. 

  • Long hold on songs to drag to different positions in the playlist
  • Use the {} Hamburger Options Button to remove songs from the playlist



  • Share links for pitching music or with collaborators on your team
  • Add Collaborators directly to the playlist to help edit and manage your playlists
  • Download the playlist as a .zip file to store in your locally on your hard drive or send to others
  • Upload tracks directly from your local hard drive to the playlist
  • More Options at your disposal...


Share a web url link directly to your playlist for pitching music or with collaborators on your team

Customize your link to protect your playlist with a password or allow for the recipient to download the playlist as a .zip file

Once you hit "Share" you will generate a unique URL that will direct anyone to open your playlist in their web browser. Copy and paste your "Share Link" to a friend, manager, or collaborator to review and listen to your music, or to an A&R as a pitch package

They will be able to open your playlist in their web browser and listen to the music

*if you password protect your playlist for privacy, the recipient of the link will only be able to access the playlist only when inputting the password

*if you allow for downloads the recipient of the link can download the playlist as a .zip file with the "Download Playlist" link in the top righthand corner 



Add other collaborators who have SURF accounts to help manage, edit, and keep your playlists up to date. If you have a consistent co-writer, or manager, this is a good way to seamlessly work with your partners

Add the emails of the people you would like to help manage your playlist; make sure you pay attention to the "Access Level" as this will restrict your playlist collaborator to just view mode or editor if you would like them to help make edits, revisions

If they are a SURF Music subscriber and member, the playlist will show up in their Playlist section under Library > Playlist as the latest playlist at the top



Download your playlist as a .zip file to your local drive 



Upload songs

Upload songs directly from your local drive into this playlist by choosing from file or drag-and-drop. This will automatically populate your library with new songs, but make sure you also decide if you want them submitted to the Marketplace.


For more information on what it means to submit songs to the marketplace click here