What is Magic Search?

"Magic Search" is our AI Powered Search Tool to Help You Generate Your Pitch Packages Quickly and Efficiently


With SURF's Magic Search, you can use references to released music to find the closest matching song in your personal Library.

You have five options of how to customize your Magic Search:

  • Link - use a reference url link of an existing release online with a YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, or Tik Tok link to find the closest matching song within your catalog of music
  • Track - use an existing track in your SURF Library to find other songs that sound similar to the reerence
  • File - upload an audio file from your local files to use as a reference to find songs in your catalog that sound similar to the uploaded audio 
  • Prompt - input a description using text to find songs that sound like the description. You can get as abstract or creative with these prompts.
    • e.g. 1: dynamic melody, moving harmonies with a keyboard sound and a funk groove
    • e.g. 2: rolling down green hills under the bright sun with a lover


Link Search

Try inputting the URL to your current favorite song that you are listening to from YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, or Tik Tok.

Click "+ Add" button and hit the "Search" button at the bottom. You can add more than one song to run a cross reference if you are looking for a blend of multiple vibes (e.g. if you like the hook of song X but want the verse vibe of song Y)

Give the AI a second to process your request and you will be presented with a playlist of songs that have a similar sound. You can also load more if you scroll to the bottom of the list.


Track Search

Add from songs in your Existing Library

Select the song(s) you want to use as a reference to find similar sounding songs in your personal catalog 

File Search

You can search your SURF Library using a local audio file reference by adding it from your desktop

Search for the audio file you are looking for in your local files 


Hit "Search" to produce results similar sounding to your uploaded reference audio


Prompt Search

Input any text prompt you would like to into the text box. Try this out with straight-forward or abstract prompts and see what you get!



You can create a playlist using the search results with "Create Playlist from Results" in the top right of your search results.

You can choose to create a "New Playlist" altogether or add the songs from the search results to an existing playlist by hitting "Select Existing".

Give your playlist a memorable name like "{name of reference track} - for pitch to {artist name}"

To go back to your playlist you can find it under Library > Playlist. It will show up as the latest saved playlist. 

You can go into the playlist to make modifications to the results.

For more info on how to manage playlists click here.



Hit the "Modify Search" option to go back to your original input. You can make revisions to the initial input, or restart an entirely new search.

You can clear your entire reference prompt using the "Start Over" button before performing a new Search, or add/modify existing references

If you forgot to save a playlist of results, don't worry. You can go back to a search you already performed by looking it up in your search history


On your home page you can now navigate to the Magic Search in the left navigation bar.

You can also navigate to magic search via Library > Tracks > Magic Search